Trail Rides
Nearly every month SJVR has organized group trail rides.
​Equestrians of all ages and skills gathered in a variety of settings,
​from foothills to coastal beaches. 
All are welcome to join in with old friends and new ones!
​Have an adventure and make lifelong memories.
Check out the SJVR Calendar and Newsletter
​for details on upcoming rides.​
Contact Info:
Ben Gibbons - Trail Boss
San Joaquin Valley Rangers
Trail Ride Program
PURPOSE: To promote trail riding as a healthy activity for both horses and riders.
​This program will also assist in creating a database of parks, locations, and activities
​for others to reference on the San Joaquin Valley Rangers website.

PROGRAM: For the Trail Ride Program the rider can ride any horse and count it towards their
​total hours for the year. This allows people who borrow horses to participate as well as people
​ who own more than one horse to use all of their horses in the program. Time will be collected
​on official forms (see attached) on the honor system. The form will also track the date of the
​trail ride, location or park name, and location of the ride. The forms need to be sent to the
​Trail Program Chairperson quarterly. The creation of a copy of the tracking form for the
​participant’s records is strongly recommended. The participants and number of hours
​will be published in the San Joaquin Valley Rangers newsletter quarterly.
​This program is cumulative. The participant in the Trail Ride Program can accumulate
​hours for annual awards at different levels of recognition as long as they do not have a
​break in both the San Joaquin Valley Rangers membership and the Trail Ride Program.
​If there is a break in either the membership or the program, the individual will start
​accumulating hours at zero. The program will run for each calendar year (January – December)
​for annual awards. Participants must move to the next level each year to receive awards.
​Hours can be accumulated continuously year after year. Previously it stopped at 1,000 hours
​and then started over we are going to increase the hours to encourage people to join the
​program and reach for a higher amount of hours. You can not start counting hours until
you have signed up for the program and your membership is paid.

Trail ride time can be accumulated through t
rail riding in parks, home locations
​such as levees, neighborhoods, and surrounding properties plus e
ndurance or
​competitive rides, parades, trail trials, poker rides, etc…

NON-QUALIFIERS: Arena riding, horse shows, arena driving events, and time to
​prepare to ride​ do not qualify for the program hours.

1-50 hours - Baseball Cap
51 – 150 hours - Grooming set
151 – 300 hours - Camping Chair
301 – 500 hours - Saddle Bags
551 - 750 hours - Saddle Pad
751 - 999 hours - Bridle Breast Collar set
1,000 - 1,500 hours - Buckle
1,500 – 2,000 hours – Jacket​

​​​​​​​​​​All Prizes are subject to change based on the availability of products. All prizes will be
​customized with SJVR Trail Ride Program Logo. We are continuing to expand the ​program
​and as time goes on and we grow we will add more hours and more prizes to the program.​
Contact Info for
​Trail Program:​
​Trina Homer
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Upcoming Events:

Beach Ride at Fort Funston
February 18, 2023
10:00 AM – Caravanning from Lathrop at Denise’s Farmers Market 905 S. Manthey Rd
11:30 AM – Arrive at Mar Vista Stables 2152 Skyline Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015.
Assuming parking is available, we will park where Skyline dead ends.
The ride will last approximately 2-3 hours thru the sand and waves.
Following the ride, a BBQ lunch will be provided
RSVP to Ben 209-321-2115 or Jodi 209-747-4952
Hogan Trail Ride
March 11, 2023
Meet at 11:30 AM Ride out at 12:00 PM
River of Skulls Trail—Ideal trail for beginners or kids. The mile loop,
consists of wide, flat trails through the foothills and along the river.
Following the ride, a BBQ lunch will be provided
RSVP to Ben 209-321-2115 or Jodi 209-747-4952
Address to Staging Area: 3975 Hogan Dam Rd Valley Springs
Directions from SJVR: Take Hwy 26 towards Valley Springs
Turn Right on Silver Rapids Rd (Towards the Lake)
Follow Silver Rapid Rd for 1.5 miles
Turn Right on Hogan Dam Rd
Cross the Bridge then turn Left into gravel parking lot.