Trail Rides
Nearly every month SJVR has organized group trail rides.
​Equestrians of all ages and skills gather in a variety of settings,
​from foothills to coastal beaches. 
All are welcome to join in with old friends and new!
​Have an adventure and make lifelong memories 

​ Trina Homer is excited to bring back SJVR's Trail Ride Program. This program disappeared a few years ago, and Trina has suggested to get it going again. SJVR has monthly trail rides scheduled to help get your hours in the saddle going. This program is cumulative. Riders fill out an application, there is a small annual fee, and riders track their hours spent trail riding, parades, and a few other qualifying rides. The rider signs up on a horse, and all hours must be on that horse. Rider can apply with multiple horses as desired, paying the application fee for each horse/rider combination. Prizes are earned after so many hours, and hours accumulate year after year as long as the fee is paid annually. After 1000 hours, the rider and horse can start all over. More information on this program will be sent out later this month. Any hours you do from January 1st will qualify if you apply. Watch your email for the rules and application which will be emailed or you can pick up from the club meeting on Friday.

​Upcoming Trail Ride:
Feb 13th – Red Hills Trail Ride​
Detail Coming Soon​


Contact Info:
Ben Gibbons - Trail Boss