Trail Rides
Nearly every month SJVR has organized group trail rides.
​Equestrians of all ages and skills gathered in a variety of settings,
​from foothills to coastal beaches. 
All are welcome to join in with old friends and new ones!
​Have an adventure and make lifelong memories.

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Contact Info:
Ben Gibbons - Trail Boss
San Joaquin Valley Rangers
Trail Ride Program
PURPOSE: To promote trail riding as a healthy activity for both horses and riders.
​This program will also assist in creating a database of parks, locations, and activities
​for others to reference on the San Joaquin Valley Rangers website.

PROGRAM: For the Trail Ride Program the rider can ride any horse and count it towards their
​total hours for the year. This allows people who borrow horses to participate as well as people
​ who own more than one horse to use all of their horses in the program. Time will be collected
​on official forms (see attached) on the honor system. The form will also track the date of the
​trail ride, location or park name, and location of the ride. The forms need to be sent to the
​Trail Program Chairperson quarterly. The creation of a copy of the tracking form for the
​participant’s records is strongly recommended. The participants and number of hours
​will be published in the San Joaquin Valley Rangers newsletter quarterly.
​This program is cumulative. The participant in the Trail Ride Program can accumulate
​hours for annual awards at different levels of recognition as long as they do not have a
​break in both the San Joaquin Valley Rangers membership and the Trail Ride Program.
​If there is a break in either the membership or the program, the individual will start
​accumulating hours at zero. The program will run for each calendar year (January – December)
​for annual awards. Participants must move to the next level each year to receive awards.
​Hours can be accumulated continuously year after year. Previously it stopped at 1,000 hours
​and then started over we are going to increase the hours to encourage people to join the
​program and reach for a higher amount of hours. You can not start counting hours until
​you have signed up for the program and your membership is paid.

Trail ride time can be accumulated through t
rail riding in parks, home locations
​such as levees, neighborhoods, and surrounding properties plus e
ndurance or
​competitive rides, parades, trail trials, poker rides, etc…

NON-QUALIFIERS: Arena riding, horse shows, arena driving events, and time to
​prepare to ride​ do not qualify for the program hours.

1-50 hours - Baseball Cap
51 – 150 hours - Grooming set
151 – 300 hours - Camping Chair
301 – 500 hours - Saddle Bags
551 - 750 hours - Saddle Pad
751 - 999 hours - Bridle Breast Collar set
1,000 - 1,500 hours - Buckle
1,500 – 2,000 hours – Jacket​

​​​​​​​​​​All Prizes are subject to change based on the availability of products. All prizes will be
​customized with SJVR Trail Ride Program Logo. We are continuing to expand the ​program
​and as time goes on and we grow we will add more hours and more prizes to the program.​
Contact Info for
​Trail Program:​
​Trina Homer
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