4D Barrels
Contact Info:
Jodi Marquardsen
(209) 747-4952

Jennifer Homer
(209) 470-7435​​
Karissa Borba
(209) 543-5229​​​
Races are scheduled for one Saturday and two Thursdays each month throughout the year. Races are subject to weather, so please check the Facebook page and SJVR website for the most up-to-date information.
​We look forward to, seeing everyone out at the races.
​The 4D barrel racing format means that in the same race we have 4
divisions. All riders, regardless of ability, run in the same barrel race. The four
divisions are then determined by time brackets. The fastest time sets the
determines all subsequent divisions and the distribution of places.
In the Valley as well as our 4D the format is as follows:
(Fastest, +.5, +1, +2) (Triple Seven Rules below)
Example: 1D = 18.00, 2D = 18.50, 3D = 19.00, 4D = 20.00
So here we have these 4 divisions separated by time results and in each of these divisions, we have winners. The number of
places that are paid is determined on how many riders we have entered.
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