About Us:
San Joaquin Valley Rangers (SJVR) was established in 1946 as a local equestrian
​club for the advancement of horsemanship. SJVR is part of the San Joaquin County Horseman’s’ Association, is nonprofit and volunteer based; welcoming riders of all
​ages, horses, skill levels and their families. The organization hosts competitive
​events from gymkhana, drill team, mounted shooting, and 4D barrel racing to
​parade entries, planned play days, trail rides, Christmas Social and a monthly
​Juniors’ group. In addition, SJVR also participates in fund raisers for less
​fortunate children interested in equestrian activities, scholarships and hosts
​an annual Walter Bauer Award ceremony dinner gala. 
Those who share a
​love of all things horses and are interested in the promotion of horsemanship
​for current and future generations are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join.
Upcoming Events:
June 1 – Barrel Race
June 2 – SJVR Meeting
June 3 – Gymkhana
June 5 – Mounted Shooting Practice
June 10 - Barrel Race
June 11 – Gymkhana
June 15 – Barrel Race
June 18 – Mounted Shooting Practice
June 19 – Mounted Shooting Practice
June 24 - Gymkhana
June 25 – Mounted Shooting Practice
June 28-July 4 – Firework Booth
July 1 – Barrel Race
July 2 – Mounted Shooting Practice
July 3 – Mounted Shooting Practice
July 6 – Barrel Race
July 8 – Gymkhana
July 9-16 – Camping
July 17 – Mounted Shooting Practice
July 20 – Barrel Race
July 27-30 – Drill Competition in King City

Our Mission Statement:
To promote all horsemanship
To sponsor horse shows, rodeos, race meets, and / or a
​combination of these entertainments.
To promote club organized events.
To participate in activities pertaining to the welfare of the community.
1240 N Shaw Rd
Stockton, CA 95215​