About Us:
San Joaquin Valley Rangers (SJVR) was established in 1946 as a local equestrian club for the advancement of horsemanship. SJVR is part of the San Joaquin County Horseman’s’ Association, is nonprofit and volunteer based; welcoming riders of all ages, horses, skill levels and their families. The organization hosts competitive events from gymkhana, drill team, mounted shooting, and 4D barrel racing to parade entries, planned play days, trail rides, Christmas Social and a monthly Juniors’ group. In addition, SJVR also participates in fund raisers for less fortunate children interested in equestrian activities, scholarships and hosts an annual Walter Bauer Award ceremony dinner gala. Those who share a love of all things horses and are interested in the promotion of horsemanship for current and future generations are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join.
Upcoming Events:
May 6-8th - CSHA Drill Competition ​at Diamond Bar
May 15th - Gymkhana Buckle Series (3 of 3)
May 21st - SJVR4D Barrel Race
May 27-30th - Memorial Day Camping Trail Ride
June 5th - Gymkhana Award Series (1 of 12)
June 11th - SJVR4D Barrel Race
June 12th - Gymkhana Award Series (2 of 12)
June 17-19th - Hollis Camping Trail Ride
June 24-26th - Mounted Shooting Match​​​​​

Our Mission Statement:
To promote all horsemanship
To sponsor horse shows, rodeos, race meets, and / or a combination of these entertainments.
To promote club organized events.
To participate in activities pertaining to the welfare of the community.
1240 N Shaw Rd
Stockton, CA 95215​